Interview with Dan Zollinger, circa Spring 2016


In this blast-from-the-past interview, Ryan and Joel interview Dan Zollinger, who was at the time a post-doctoral scholar at UCSF. We discuss how myelin, the insulating material around the long part of a neuron, is implicated in several neurological diseases; we also discuss the joys of brewing with Dan, who is himself an avid brewer.


Interview With Benjamin Stecher

Joel and Ryan interview Benjamin Stecher, who maintains the blog tmrwedition.com. Benjamin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at a young age and now travels the world learning about cutting-edge research from the scientists on the front lines of disease research. We learn about some new and developing treatments for Parkinson’s which may be ready for humans sooner than we expected!

Thanks to Benjamin for his time and expertise!PDStats







13 Reasons Why and To the Bone: Controversial Depictions in Media

Joel and Ryan start off talking about the recent Netflix content To the Bone and 13 Reasons Why. These shows tackle controversial topics (anorexia and suicide respectively) and some schools have had interventions for students to warn against the shows or against suicide.

Your intrepid hosts discuss the benefits of censorship which quickly spins off into a discussion of whether we can know what the good life is and to what extent it’s appropriate to enforce it on people in your society.

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