Episode 17 (S2E4) Spookybrain Cast

In this (incredibly late) podcast Ryan and Joel discuss some of the spookier bits of neuroscience. Prior to the start of the main cast, Joel introduces their new plans for upcoming casts which include a focus on interviews and guest hosts.


Episode 6 – Phantom Limbs and Foot Fetishes

In this podcast, Ryan and Joel talk about the amazing work of Dr. Ramachandran, who figured out a clever and cost-effective way to treat ‘phantom pain’ in amputated limbs.

Show Notes

Episode 6 – Phantom Limbs and Foot Fetishes! – Show Notes

image010        somatosensory+homunculus+50

Left: Loss of the arm allows nearby sensory regions to ‘take over’ the lack of space

Right: If our body parts were as relatively big as the space devoted to them in terms of cortical area.

Penfield’s homunculus looks super gross, but it shows how sensation coming in from the hands and mouth is the most discriminating touch on our bodies. This makes sense, given that they are the primary tools we use to explore the environment (remember that we use our mouths to inspect new foods, for example, which is crucial to allow us to live!)

Ramachandran describes phantom limb, along with some other conditions

Enjoy the podcast!